10+ Tips on Going Green with The Green Bride

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Couples all across the nation are adding a personal touch to their weddings. It doesn’t surprise us to see that the eco-factor is also very important to our brides and grooms in 2011. A green wedding is any wedding where the couple tries to decrease the impact of their event on the planet – and there are many ways to do it without sacrificing style or elegance! Green weddings are eco-chic and just as amazing and beautiful as your “regular” wedding. You minimize waste while not sacrificing style. Nature’s elements and beauty help us design events that compliment the environment.

If you think about, every little detail of your wedding can carry a shade of green. You can start with wearing a silk or vintage dress, serve organic foods and decorate your venue with bamboo and potted plants. Every green choice will make a difference!

Here are some more great ideas on going “green” on your wedding day!

  1. Offer an organic signature cocktail and toast with your local, organic wine!
  2. Have your bridesmaids wear cute purses decorated with gems and rhinestones
  3. Use local vendors! Have your local wedding bakery bake an organic cake!
  4. Decorate with soy candles at your reception. They not only last longer than other candles, but are also better for the environment.
  5. Save some paper when creating your invitations, there are companies out there that use recycled paper or enjoy the world of online invitations for date-savers and pre-wedding-parties.
  6. Instead of printing escort cards for every single guest, surprise your guests and have ushers in white gloves walk your guests to their seats. Don’t have ushers? Print your guest name and table number on a stone as an alternative..
  7. Edible favors are a great way of adding that special touch to your table setting or instead of spending money on favors you can ask your guests to donate to one of the many deserving charities out there.
  8. Believe it or not but there are also eco-conscious jewelers out there that use recycled stones and metals to create one of a kind jewelry.
  9. Because many conventional cosmetics contain toxic chemicals, using all-natural beauty and hair products or seeking out a green salon for your wedding day will be much better for your health.
  10. Most of our photographers are already one step ahead, they went digital a long time ago and we all know the huge benefits of that!
  11. A romantic ride on a white horse carriage, a ride on that antique bicycle or even crossing the lake on a canoe…all of these transportation ideas can reduce the air pollution if chosen instead of the traditional limousine.

I hope I inspired you with some of these ideas. Happy green wedding planning!

Sandy Stringer
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One Response to 10+ Tips on Going Green with The Green Bride

  1. Maliha Raazi says:

    I am a South Asian Event Planner. love your green ideas. Specially printing your guest’s name on a stone is an awesome idea.
    I would add a little sparkle or a gem to make it glitzy. That will add an Indian touch for south Asian brides